Founder's Award


Jonathan E. McCottry, II


McCottry Foundation was founded to recognize organizations who are committed to serving their communities in a great way. There are massive societal issues that plague the United States on a daily basis and it is by the blood sweat and tears of those organizations that impact is made. It is in that spirit that the McCottry Foundation presents its Founder's award, focusing not on organizations who do great work, there are many of those, but more so on those organizations who overcome the odds continuously while still providing unmatched service to their community.

The McCottry Foundation Founders Award recognizes excellence and leadership in the non profit community. These awards celebrate Executive Directors and staff who go above and beyond for their constituents and their community. Many overcome obstacles like financial, legislation and resourcing to maintain successful organizations. This award highlights those organizations that always find a way to make it work and continuing to press on regardless of the circumstances.

Founders Award Nominations are OPEN! It is great to recognize the hard work of those who go the extra mile.

Eligibility Requirements

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