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McCottry Foundation is a Virginia-based 501(c)(3) private think tank. Our mission is to improve the quality of life in families around the United States. While that seems like a very broad topic, so are the effects homelessness, hunger, nutrition, obesity, education, financial instability and other community issues. We provide grants to assist non profit organizations with projects and programs, while also providing resources and information for the community. We understand that every little bit helps and we are dedicated to fostering a way for change by supporting the hard work of non profit organizations.

Our funding comes from our sister organizations and through it, we provide grants for deserving non profits that are metrics oriented. We look for non profits who have devoted their services to making lasting impacts in the community.


        The modern landscape of the nonprofit sector is vastly evolving. Nonprofits are currently facing a decrease in public support and an increase in government regulations, making it more difficult for them to carry out their missions. Many organizations without professional grant writers are being passed over for grants despite having great models that address boundless needs.

        Arguably, the success of a charity is based largely on two components. First and foremost are the people who are directly affected by the service provided by the organization. The second is the ability to have a service model that can be utilized by similar organizations. When a successful model can be replicated, it can pay dividends in the community over time.

        At McCottry Foundation, what fuels our passion is seeing the relentless drive of executive directors and staff, who begin some years with a negative budget, yet still thrive and remain viable in this ever-changing sector. We are inspired by organizations whose devotion extends beyond resources; whose dream supersedes the means. That's when we do our part and lend a hand to those charities that have scalable models backed by strong metrics and are interested in kick-starting new ideas to similar charities.

        Each quarter, we focus solely on one important community issue. During that time, our agency continues the dialogue with organizations on various societal topics so that we can assist in strategic planning and direction of pursuit based upon our collaborative efforts.

        Our ultimate desire is to be a driving catalyst for the improvement of the quality of family life, that will foster a lasting impact for generations by working along side ambitious community organizations to develop concepts and share ideas.

--Jonathan E. McCottry, II


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We would love to fund everyone, however that is just not possible. There are 1.5 million nonprofits in the US and getting to know many of them and what they do is imperative and important to what we do. We encourage you to apply to one of our grants and also connect with us on social media so we can brag about you and what you do.

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